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Who can buy ECICS’s private car insurance?

What is “Excess” in a motor policy?

What is an “unnamed driver” in motor policy?

Can anyone drive or use my car?

Is it safe to make payments to ECICS?

How to make a payment?

What is No Claim Discount (NCD)?

Is my NCD transferable?

If I make a claim, will I automatically lose my NCD?

Will I lose my NCD if there is a break in ownership of my vehicle?

What is No Claim Discount Protector (NCDP)?

How can I enjoy the benefits of No Claim Discount Protector (NCDP)?

What are the conditions for Waiver of Standard Excess?

When can I renew my road tax?

What are my options available if I am not at fault for the accident?

Why is it important to make an accident report?

What is the time frame for me to report the accident?

Do I still need to make an accident report even if there are no damages to my vehicle or a private settlement had been reached between parties involved?

How do I submit a motor claim that involves Theft or Fire or Acts of Vandalism?

When will a vehicle claim be settled on “Total Loss” basis ?

Can I claim against a foreign registered motorist ?

Why should I not accept assistance from towing services or workshops that appeared at accident scene?

What should I do if I receive a Third Party’s solicitor letter?

I recently sold my vehicle; how can I cancel my policy?

What should I do on the claim declaration?

If I made a claim under my private car policy, am I still entitled to a cancellation refund?

What is a security bond?

What does the Enhance FDWAssure Insurance cover?

What is the MOM’s enhanced medical insurance requirements?

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under the policy?

How to determine the effective start date of the policy?

My Domestic helper’s age is 61 years old; can I still renew her policy?

When can I renew my FDW’s work permit?

What are the payment methods available?

Why is the policy not exactly in 12 or 24 months period?

I recently canceled my FDW work permit, how do I cancel my FDW Insurance?

How much is my refund?

What if I have more questions about this insurance?

How do i submit my medical claims?


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